Favor Delivery: Non-Restaurant Delivery Customer Experience

Capstone Project in Collaboration with Favor Delivery

Favor is interested in understanding the nuances of how on-demand customers use Favor (and similar services) in their daily lives. I focused on non-restaurant item delivery since this is Favor's advantage over other food delivery services, e.g. Ubereats, GrubHub, and DoorDash. I ended with recommendations for Favor based on my market research and primary research.

Team: Individual Project

My Role: Researcher

Duration: Jan 2020 - May 2020


Lessons Learned

Usertesting.com is a great alternative to conducting interviews amid social distancing and shelter in place policy. The advantage is I can recruit participants a lot faster since I don't have to moderate each interview, so they can proceed simultaneously. The downside is that because it's an unmoderated interview, I can't dig deeper and follow-up with any questions I want to ask.

If it weren't for the coronavirus, I would have loved to shadow Favor customers to learn about their real interactions with the Favor app, Runner, and experience. Instead of having to rely on memory.