Indeed: Trust study

Collaboration with Indeed

Indeed knows there are a lot of job applicants using their platform to apply for jobs. However, they are not sure whether job applicants are willing to apply through their platform or is just using it as a job search engine. If applicants are not directly using Indeed, what are the factors affecting the lack of use? This research focused on uncovering trust factors and recommendations for Indeed to implement.

Full Presentation

Team: 3 UX Researchers

My Role: Conducted literature reviews and interviews

Duration: Jan 2019 - May 2019


Client Kickoff

The 3 biggest takeaways from the client kickoff with Dave Yeats, UX Research Director from Indeed:

From client kickoff, I wanted to learn the different aspect of problems that the client wants to solve.

Since trust was the main factor that Indeed thought was an issue, I set out to understand how other research measure trust.

From competitive analysis, our objective was to find out what functions are Indeed's competitors incorporating in their job search platform that may lead to trust.

Next, I conducted interviews and surveys to gain in-depth insights to why job applicants were not using Indeed to directly apply to jobs.

After conducting surveys and interviews, we came to a conclusion that trust isn't an issue. Thus, we had our pivot. In addition to finding out why people trust Indeed, as an international student, I was curious if there was a difference job seeking difference between us and domestic students.

I conducted another round of interviews to gain insight to my questions.

In addition to interviews, we also collected interviewee's job-seek spreadsheet data to compare differences between domestic and international students.

Based on our research, we gave recommendations to Indeed on what affects trust and a potential target audience.